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Planning your engagement shoot is one of the most important steps in creating an appealing wedding video or a concept film. At Happy Soul Films we really believe in investing thoughts and efforts into planning your e-shoot. The five (5) steps below will help you plan your e-shoot in a way that it is super cinematic yet very special and tells the story that is unique to you.

After going through the five (5) steps, you will need to fill out an online form (located at the bottom of this page) and we shall schedule a meeting thereafter to discuss your vision. Try not to feel over-whelmed and take a deep breath. This will be challenging but also a lot of fun!

step 1

select E-Shoot Type


Each story is unique, each wedding is special, and for us, each client deserves a personalized experience. To bring your vision to life, our team dedicates their entire focus on making your experience as unique and individualistic as your story.

Determining the TYPE of e-shoot is the first important step in planning the eshoot. It is vital to choose the right type of shoot based on the vision to have the best end product that you can proudly share with your loved ones. Check out the examples for each of the types of e-shoot mentioned below. Keep in mind that you CAN mix and match by choosing more than one (1) type of e-shoots shown below.




Story-telling is a type of e-shoot which we specialize in. If you wish us to convey your story by the means of your e-shoot than you have hired the right company.  

We are film makers and the possibilities are endless. We can create anything you can imagine. We shall work with you to know your unique story, we shall then storyboard it, direct you and bring your story to life!

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If you wish to incorporate your personalities as part of the e-shoot without scripted scenes, that can be accomplished as well. This will be based on your likes, your hobbies and your interests.  

A lot of our couples choose to keep their e-shoot low key, Simple and organic. Show up at a location of your choice and we shall work our magic.

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Cinematic e-shoot is where you get to chance to showcase your epicness on the big screen. Dress up, find an exotic location, rent a nice car and flaunt yourself. It is YOUR wedding and this is your chance to be a celebrity.  

Do not hold back and let us know how you wish to see yourself in your dream video. We shall guide you and direct you for action to ensure we capture the most cinematic shots possible.

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Step 2

Select Dates & Times


Check out Happy Soul Films Calendar using the link below to view our availability and let us know what dates work for you! If your wedding is less than 6-8 months away, you might want to hurry since our calendar fills up very fast.

Pick weekdays (preferably Monday or Tuesday) as your shoot days since we are mostly occupied during weekends. Also, picking weekdays will ensure you have least amount of crowd at the most popular locations. Magic hours (an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset) are the best times to shoot to get the beautiful colors of the horizon.


step 3

Select the locations


Selecting the right location is very important depending on the vibe you want to create for your final product. Some locations are free to shoot and most of the good locations require permit. Pick the locations from the list below that reflect your personality and vibe with the kind of video you want to have.

If you have a 3 hour e-shoot as part of your contract - make sure to select two (2) locations which are close to each other so that travel time can be minimal. If you have signed up for a full day e-shoot we can do up to 3 different locations. The locations below are specific to Toronto and surrounding areas.

Interested in destination shoot? We will accompany you to wherever you wish to do your shoot in the world.


Explore ALL Locations

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Step 4

Personalize your E-shoot


The goal behind personalizing your e-shoot is two fold. Firstly it sets you apart from the crowd and makes your video unique. Secondly, it creates a deeper meaning for the videos we create for you which you can cherish for years to come. Have a look at the six (6) different ideas below.

Plan a destination Shoot


One of the best ways to make your video more cinematic is by planning a destination shoot! If you are planning a get away prior to your wedding - let us know and we shall accompany you for a day or two to create something that is beyond epic.

Some of locations we have in our list are Canyons in Arizona, Salt Flats of Bolivia, Landscapes of Iceland, Sand Dunes of Morocco, Mountains of Hawaii, The Swiss Alps, The streets of Burano and many more. Pick something unique and we shall create a music video that will blow you away!

Incorporate an Activity


Having an activity as part of your e-shoot not only makes it more fun but also extremely creative. Try and be adventurous and do something that you either have tried before or have always wanted to do. Some examples include - jet skiing, horse riding, dirt biking, rock climbing, go-karting, paint balling, canoeing, hiking, sky diving, ATVing, snow shoeing, ice fishing, bungie jumping, river rafting, jumping at a trampoline park and many more.

The activity doesn’t have to be adventurous; it could also be something simple that you both enjoy like - eating out, grabbing an ice cream, going on a stroll, lighting fireworks, picnic at a park or something similar.

Rent something special


Do you have access to any location or anything special through your friends and family? – This could be a condo downtown Toronto, a cottage, cabin in the woods, a boat, a yatch, an exotic car, an ATV or even a helicopter. Dig deep and think about it. If not, look up on how to rent one of these if it matches your personality.

Having of these or something similar as part of your e-shoot will definitely make it stand out.

Hire a Decor Team


Wish to do an elaborate set up for your e-shoot? Think about hiring a décor team to do outdoor setup – we can surely send you some recommendations. See examples in here: https://www.instagram.com/finessedecorcompany/?hl=en

This comes in handy especially if you are re-creating your proposal OR if you want your e-shoot to have a romantic vibe while keeping it classy.

Show off your skills


Do you have any specific skills which you would like to show-off as part of the e-shoot? – Dancing, Acrobatics, Singing, Painting, playing hockey, playing basketball, playing cricket or something else!

Incorporating one of these as part of your shoot will make it more special and unique. Make sure to give this a thought and we can discuss more on how we can make it a reality.

Take inspiration from Bollywood


Who said that only actors and actresses get to do all the cinematic and romantic shots? Our couples are no less than the big screen stars and if you ave a vision which you would like to bring to reality from bollywood, don't be afraid to share it with us!

If you wish to take it up a notch, talk to us about hiring a trained choreographer and a fashion stylist. Having professionals by your side will make your video cinematic and surreal.

step 5

Pay Attention to Details


Now that you have put in all the time and effort into coming up with a vision regarding your e-shoot it is now time to focus on the minor aspects which will help us bring your vision to reality. Below are the six (6) major items you need to add to you to-do list prior the finalizing the details for the e-shoot.

Select your music

The importance of selecting the right kind of music cannot be stressed enough. We would like to use the music that you recommend, however we have the right to say no to you if we believe that the music you selected does not go with your vision. We are fine with song in any language as long as you like it and we feel that it will go well with the kind of shoot you plan to have.

If you want to pick song just for e-shoot video, it should be 2-3 minutes. If you want a song for same day or next day edit it should be 3-5 minutes and if you want to pick song for final highlights it should be 4-6 minutes.

If you wish to check out the song playlist which we have created - CLICK HERE.


Book Make-up Artist

The day of your e-shoot - will you be requiring a make-up artist? If so, make sure to schedule one in advance. Make up and hair for the bride-to-be usually takes 2-3 hours so plan and schedule accordingly.


Select your Outfits

Do not underestimate the importance of picking the right outfits. The first step is feeling comfortable in front of the lens is feeling comfortable in your own skin.

We recommend at least two (2) different outfits for our entire e-shoot. You can choose to have three (3) different outfits if you have a full day e-shoot. However, we prefer maximum one (1) outfit per location unless the location itself is diverse. Keep in mind, we will need to find locations to change outfits in between multiple shoots on same day. If you are doing story-building, pick outfits that are classy yet do not look artificial.

If you plan to have cinematic shoot, think about renting a gown from Athena Dress Rental. Think about the colors of our outfits vs. the color you have for your wedding outfits to ensure you have enough variety. Also try to coordinate colors based on location and your partner’s outfit. Solid jewel-tone outfits work better than tiny patterns or prints.


Get Location Permits

The locations that you picked in step 3 might require permits. Use Google to find how to acquire the permits and if the location is available on the dates you have selected in Step 2. Most of the classy locations do require permit and they close between $100-$400 depending on the location.


Rent or Purchase the required Props

Bring props with you to the shoot that add extra value to the theme. Perhaps something that makes the shoot more cinematic like an umbrella or a dupatta. Or something from your dating life that means a lot to both of you.

If you are planning to rent an exotic car or are planning to hire a decor team to set up a picnic or back drop - make sure to find their availability beforehand.


Ask friends and family to help out!

Bring along a human coat hanger i.e. a friend or family member who is willing to help you with your stuff during the shoot making things easier for everyone. Make sure to tell your closest friends about the date of your e-shoot so that they are available to help you on the day of.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Talk to us!


We’re always here to help you and guide you to ensure your e-shoot is exactly how you imagined. If you feel clueless, the steps above should help you come up with a vision.

Once you go through steps 1 to 5 above, please fill out the form below and enter in the details. Do not rush and take your sweet time. The more research you do now, the easier your life will be after. Once the survey below has been filled out, scheduled a call with us using the calendar below 🙂


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