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These are some examples of the stories we create at Happy Soul Films. We not only capture your wedding but we dive deep into your personalities to understand you and create something special out of it. We spend the time required to understand you so that when we create your video and you watch it 10 years from now, you can still relate to it! 


90's Bollywood Classic

Anjali & Ashwin

 Ever felt nostalgic while hearing 90’s bollywood music? That’s what Anjali and Ashwin were going after and we accomplished exactly that. We divided their concept shoot into 2 parts - first of which was using fall colors and traditional Indian outfit and the second one was created using artificial rain.

The second shoot was extremely challenging but that's where we came in! The end product turned out to be something very special that we have never created before.

Fun Love Birds

Neha & Jay

 Neha and Jay found each other on the first page of their book, they were just kids when they fell in love! Winter dates and school days became a part of their story. As they danced on their wedding day, we were able to bring the warmth, love, and the history these two had in the two religious wedding ceremonies they had.

Their beautiful wedding ceremonies were followed by a perfectly planned reception. For years to come, this chapter of their lives will always be special and soulful!

Destination Birds

Michael & Natalie

A film that illustrates the union of 2 souls in 2 locations! Michael and Natalie’s special day was filled with emotions, joy, and beautiful scenery! They did a part of their ceremonies here in GTA and rest in Mexico. Michael and Natalie wanted not just their romance but also their families captured as part of the highlights - we did exactly that!

This was more than a wedding, it was a celebration, with endless moments of laughter and love - this was the essence of Michael and Natalie’s vision - captured perfectly!

Bollywood Love Story

Dharti & Janak

 “You don't find love, it finds you” Dharti and Janak’s story spans several years, from faint childhood memories to long lasting loving memories. We shot this concept video by ACTUALLY going back to the apartment building where they grew up together as well as their elementary school.

We were able to revive their beautiful past as they embark in their new journey by going an extra mile. A little bit fate, a little bit of destiny, and a whole lot of love!

Engineering Love Story

Puja & Chirag

 This super unique love story is very rare. We cannot go into details for legal reasons but you can get an idea of how, when and where they met. Capturing moments around the University of Toronto was a great experience. Vibes of the engineering research buildings and massive engineering classrooms added perfect mix to this love story.

The University of Toronto campus is massive, and we were able to get a special permit to shoot all around it! Would you like something similar for yourself?

Car Enthusiasts

Mariam & Robin

 “A need for speed...and love!” A cinematography experience that imbibes Mariam and Robin’s love and passion for each other and their interest in cars. This video illustrates their unique personality and their quintessential timeless romance. They wanted to capture their chemistry combined with their love for Nissan 370z.

Have a look at the cinematic shots we took combined with their concept story of how they went to the same college but never dated each other.

From College to Online

Sarah & Uzair

Sarah and Uzair came to us with their interesting story and we decided to work with them and re-creating it. They both went to the same college (i.e. York University) and had seen each other on campus but they were too shy to ask each other out. Years later when they were busy with their professional lives, they discovered each other via online dating.

Check out their video on how we recreated their story. Pay attention to all the details and you will be in awe of the video.

Forever Sweethearts

Bansari & Parth

 This sweet couple wanted to capture the raw essence of their love and romance towards each other. They wanted something which was in line with their personalities and yet captured their fun loving personalities in a bollywoodish style. We planned multiple video sessions with them including concept shoot at 2 studios, at a park as well as a winter e-shoot with Bansari wearing just the saree.

The end product? It was worth every second we spent shooting this fantastic couple.

Perfect Combo

Vishu & Vishal

Vishu and Vishal wanted their highlights film to capture each and every important moment from their wedding in addition to showing off their chemistry from eshoot. The first part of their e-shoot was planned at a lavish estate east of Toronto and the second part of their eshoot took place at one of their favourite locations in downtown Toronto.

The end result was a combination of 2 songs in one creating a perfect sync of all events displaying their magical wedding journey.

Romanticaly Cute

Afra & Adnan

 Can we create an epic video without any flashy reception and wedding celebrations? Sure we can. Just have a look. This was created using just the moments from bridal shoot, small family reception and a sangeet party. Afra and Adnan wanted something simple yet cinematic and we were able to create this for them.

The bridal shoot after Nikkah and the pre-reception shoot combined with their favourite moments from the reception created this magical video.

Adventure Birds

Renu & Jass

One of the most epic (and dangerous) concept shoots we have done. Imagine transporting $25k worth of filming equipment on a canoe in the middle of the night on an island. Yep! We pulled it off just so that we can take these epic shots and create this timeless video for this adventurous couple.

We added the highlights from their wedding and showed this same day edit at the reception. Guess what was the reaction of the crowd? They lost their minds.

Futuristic Concept Story

Tina & Gary

 Tina and Gary reached out to us with a unique idea of creating a story where they have grown old together and they find a message (I love you x 10000030) which they wrote to each other before getting married. The number and the message meant a lot to them and we incorporated that into their same day edit.

 Watch for yourself how well this video turned out. When we displayed this same day edit at their reception, the expressions on Tina and Gary’s faces meant the world to us!

Love for each other & kids

Farah & Arslan

Just watch this video, listen to the lyrics and see the shots we have put together for this amazing couple and their kids. This was the first time we were showcasing not just the love between a couple but between them and kids as well. One of the most famous videos we have created. When we displayed this highlight video to them, they were blown away by it.

We continue to advertise this video because it is truly spectacular.

Hockey fans

Pooja & Varun

 Their love for each other is shown via their love for hockey. They came to us with their likes and we were able to create this concept video because we spent the time getting to know them well. Displayed this same day edit at their reception and even our crew ended up fighting ninja cutting onions.

The getting ready part is our most favourite combined with the proposal at the hockey rink with a customized hockey shirt for Pooja.

Widly in Love

Nelisha & Hanif

Once upon a time, there was a guy named Hanif, or Mr. Clean, as he describes himself - minus the earring. In 2012, he met a girl named Nelisha while they were both volunteering at religious classes. Her smile was contagious and his humour won her heart. For their first date, they made a deal - Nelisha would watch a scary movie (she hates them) if Hanif watched a Bollywood film (he hates those even more). They ended up watching 5 movies just so the day wouldn't end.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Live in Couple

Shreya & Gaurav

 Urban landscape, green surroundings and water body - they wanted it all and they got it all! We planned their shoots so that we can capture them in all the unique settings. Their backyard wedding was beautiful and them smiling alongside the most beloved friends and family was all they could have hoped for.

We took some of the epic boat shots using our drone which unfortunately drowned at the end of the shoot but shots were saved in our phone and they are worth the drone we lost.

Bollywood Love

Dharti & Janak

This was one of the best outdoor weddings and one of the most eventful reception parties we have been a part of! Dharti and Janak did a great job figuring out the details of their wedding and we made sure to capture it all. From the location, to outfits, to the decor - everything was planned immaculately all by themselves.

To top it off, their electric entrances and their personal dance performances made the reception party night an epic one.

Super Stylish

Mandy & Dalvir

 What do you get when you mix a Sikh punjabi wedding combined with contemporary style eshoot? You get this wedding video. Have a look at the cinematic yet personalized vibes we created with Dalvir and Mandy’s video. The drone shots over the bridge, the shots outside the castle and the lavish dress flying off in the distillery district - it all comes together during their wedding.

Mandy wanted to make sure their video is immaculate just like their wedding and we gave exactly that.

Always Smiling

Monika & Shawn

They were shy, they were nervous and they were not very comfortable when we planned their eshoot. But look at how cute they look! They proved themselves wrong by pulling off some amazing shots by being themselves. Fall shoot at unionville station added a unique twist to the video tale. Their wedding was lavish and the lambo during vidai was a cherry on top.

It was a pleasure working with them and create this unique piece of art which they can cherish forever.

Red Saree Special

Dipak & Sangeeta

 They love being jolly and they love being in love. They wanted to capture their love for water and their love for architecture. What better locations than Scarborough bluffs and BAPS temple in Etobicoke? We captured a couple of different themes with one shoot being traditional and other one being casual.

 Dipak and Sangeeta also wanted their families to be a huge part of the highlights film along with their fun living personalities. We gave them exactly that.

Fun Loving

Mariam & Robin

This backyard wedding in the evening during sunset was one of the most beautiful setups we have seen on a smaller scale. Add Mariam Robin’s chemistry to the mix and it makes everything seem even more special. Have a look at their first dance together and you will want to do a backyard wedding even after restrictions are lifted.

Our favourite part of this wedding? Robin’s entrance during the wedding ceremony. Watch for a glimpse in this video and you will laugh your heart out.

Energetic Duo

Puja & Chirag

The amount of energy in this reception party must have been equal to a supernova if not more. Magic Mike MC combined with the energy brought by the couple themselves made this party one of the most fun events ever. Not to mention, a super romantic wedding and a great baraat party combined with small pre-wedding events.

Have a look at the audience at the reception and ask us how you can create this magic at yours. The answer to that question is: find a great MC!

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