our Story

Monal Panchasara:

Monal is a Filmmaker with expertise in directing and cinematography. He is passionate about storytelling in many forms such as short films, wedding films, music videos, and commercials. 

Akash Chokshi:

Akash Chokshi is an engineer by profession and film enthusiast by interest. His vision is to have a highly reputable and successfull video production company who caters to clientele of all backgrounds.


As a professional video production company we not only provide high quality work but we also exceed the expectations of our clients. 
We have a six (6) step process which enables us to deliver the end product:


Our Process

Consultation: The consultation is one of the most important interactions we’ll have with you and we are currently in this phase. 

Development: We will collaborate with you and your team to create the best plan of action for creating amazing video content for your wedding or business. This shall start after advance payment has been made.

Pre-Production: We will prepare anything and everything that takes place during production. Casting, scripting, schedules, audio and much more and discussed and set in place.

Production: This is the fun part! During production, the camera starts rolling. Our crew does everything possible to make sure the production process is a breeze for you and your staff. 

Post Production: Our team of editors will pull everything together to create a perfect product. The original vision discussed during the development stage comes to life during post production. 

Delivery: Congrats! Your video is complete and it’s time to get the word out about it. We will deliver your content to you as agreed upon during development and deliver it directly to media outlets if necessary. 

We are not just another team of professionals with high-end cameras, we are much more than that. Here are three (3) key differences between us and the competition:

  1. Relationship: We treat you as our friends and not as our clients. We will build a bond with you and your family members so that we can get to know you personally. Great images get captured when you know your subjects. 

  2. Experience: Our experience is not only limited to weddings and social events. We come from a film background – we understand our subjects deeply and we understand the importance of capturing the emotions in the most natural way possible.

  3. Assurance: Unlike other teams, we have seen the worst and we are prepared for it. We keep back up cameras, batteries, SD card and gear. In case something happens, you have an assurance that we won’t miss a single moment of your wedding.